Great Minds features Verishop co-founder & CEO Imran Khan

Great Minds kicks-off season 3 with Imran Khan, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Verishop, a social commerce company that champions independent brands and creators. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of Proem Asset Management, an investment firm that focuses on the technology space.

March 22, 2022

Listen here:


  • 05:16 – 08:07 – Having a finance background can be a blessing and a curse
  • 08:07 – 11:20 – A theory about engineering and marketing in the ecommerce space
  • 11:24 – 15:34 – What drove him to such a successful career?
  • 15:35 – 19:04 – What was it that he saw in China before anyone else?
  • 19:04 – 23:57 – About Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo!
  • 24:01 – 28:21 – The issue of data and privacy
  • 28:21 – 34:05 – Where Verishop came from and where it is going
  • 34:05 – 37:55 – Small businesses are embracing the platform
  • 37:55 – 39:23 – Building, progress and journey


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About Verishop

Verishop: Share your ideas, and shop endless inspiration. The Verishop app is a social shopping platform where you can find more than 1,000+ vetted brands across women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, makeup, skin care, home decor and more. Find new products through a personalized feed of photos and videos – from how-to’s and style tips to recipes and editorial images – and seamlessly shop the products you find. Now, you can create your own profile to share your ideas with the Verishop community by uploading your photos and videos, tagging products, saving and sharing curated collections, and following your favorite people and brands. Check out the latest, and then check out with free shipping over $35, free returns, 24/7 customer care and the best price guarantee.